I’m Jon Kessler, the sole member and owner of We Buy Houses Cash Baltimore, also known as 212 Homes, LLC. I started this business to try to make enough money to quit the corporate rat race so that I can spend more time with my children while they’re still young enough to actually want me to. I won’t put their pictures up here because I don’t want to exploit them as a commercial though it may seem that that is what I’m doing. But they are truly my motivation and it would be awesome to build this company into something they can help out with when they get older if they want to. I also realize the incredible freedom that building a successful business can provide and believe that the effort is worth it.

I have been investing in real estate for over 10 years at this point and just felt it was time to try to make a career out of it because of how flexible and powerful it can be. This is a fulfilling way to make money. I’m helping home owners by buying their troubled properties and maximizing the money they receive when they need to sell their Baltimore house off market. I’m hiring local contractors for months at a time per project and local agents to sell them or to provide tenant placement. And then we’re providing clean, well-maintained affordable housing for renters or beautifully remodeled homes for buyers. Every deal I make benefits so many people in so many ways, not just myself. It’s great and I look forward to the day that I truly can do it full time.